Mitchell Tenpenny Was Taught How To Live With Somebody In 2020

Mitchell Tenpenny Was Taught How To Live With Somebody In 2020

The greatest lesson almost everyone learned in 2020’s quarantine was how to live with their loved one.

For many, this actually is probably the most time they have spent together for the longest amount of time.

Mitchell Tenpenny admits that this year taught him how to live with his girlfriend Meghan Patrick“Yeah, I mean I definitely learned a lot more about myself and my relationship at home…how to be more patient, how to live with someone.” 

Mitchell and Meghan’s careers (she’s also a singer) didn’t provide them with a lot of home downtime before this year, “We were always on the road…and me and Meghan have never had that much time together.”

What are the big lessons that Mitchell learned, “So, we both learned patience and how to actually live with somebody. It’s been a long time. I’ve never actually lived with anybody of the opposite sex like that, so it was really learning each other, its made us so much closer. And, I think it takes that vulnerability to kind of accept each others differences.”

Mitchell actually thinks that the time in quarantine was a really good thing for them, “I probably never would have figured that out for a long time if it wouldn’t have been for 2020.”

Since we’re still in the season of travel, this song still applies…it’s Mitchell’s “Neon Christmas” that features him and Meghan in the music video…

Photo Credit: Jim Wright