Cole Swindell Lands At Number-1 with “Single Saturday Night”

Cole Swindell Lands At Number-1 with “Single Saturday Night”

Congrats to Cole Swindell as his “Single Saturday Night” takes the top spot on the Billboard country music airplay chart!

Fans are loving the track about finding the one who ends your lonely weekends – and the line that fans are noticing is the same one that first caught Cole’s attention in the song as well… “Working on a White Claw.” Cole admits that he’s had a few since he first sang the song, “That was one of the lines…honestly that caught my ear, I was like ‘wow.’ Because, I’ve drank a few but mainly after the song came out you know I never drank a lot of it either, but I knew how popular it was.”

Cole says that one of the goals he had in releasing “Single Saturday Night” in 2020, was to give fans something fun to listen to, and now in 2021 the song is a huge hit, “It’s fun, it’s not meant to change the world. It’s something fun… and that’s what I wanted to put out last year, and thankfully still have it out you know.”

Cole admits, “’Single Saturday Night’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever put out and it’s pretty much just talking about doing the same old thing…one night you meet somebody that changes your life….and cheers to the last single Saturday night of all of our lives.”

Check out the music video for Cole Swindell’s 10th number-1 hit, “Single Saturday Night.”

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville