Check Out Maren Morris’ “Playboy” Interview & Photos: “Not Many Country Artists Speak Up”

Check Out Maren Morris’ “Playboy” Interview & Photos: “Not Many Country Artists Speak Up”

Maren Morris’ new interview and photo spread in Playboy was posted online on June 18.

The almost-3,000-word interview covers a wide range of topics, spanning music, marriage, fears, sexuality, gender inequality more.

A number of artists have posed for Playboy over the years, including Dolly Parton (cover: Oct. 1978), Madonna (cover: Sept. 1985), Maria Carey (cover: March 2007), Halsey (cover: Sept//Oct. 2017) and more.

Check out a handful of choice quotes from Maren’s interview below, and be sure to read the full interview here.

  • “There’s strength in the femininity of needing someone but also in having the confidence to ask for it.”
  • “For the past two years I’ve been the most-played woman on country radio. It’s still way less than a man, but for some reason my music is being played.”
  • “I would love to sing with Kehlani. I saw H.E.R. at the Grammys, and she was incredible. I love Khalid. If I’m shooting real high, I would love to sing with Beyoncé. That’s the pinnacle.”
  • “I get only one life here, and if I’m going to be a musician and do this thing I’ve been given a gift for, I would like people to know what I believe in. This is where I stand, this is what I want, this is the world I want my kids to live in. That’s why I speak up when I do. It definitely ruffles feathers. Not many country artists speak up.”
  • “Doing Playboy has been a really fun challenge. I’m trying to do more things that scare me. Every year I’m trying to peel back my layers emotionally—and I guess physically.”

photo by Curtis Hilbun,