Waggoner Ranch Residents Being Evicted

lakeTexoma residents who’ve been calling Lake Diversion their home, some for years, are being evicted.
All the people who live on the lake that covers a wide portion of both Archer and Baylor counties received a letter telling them to vacate their homes by January 31, 2017.

The letter came from a Wichita Falls attorney representing the new owner of the Waggoner Ranch, Stan Kroenke. Kroenke was most recently in the news for moving his professional football the Rams, from St. Louis to Los Angeles.


The ranch website places it’s size at 535,000 acres and claims it is the largest ranch in Texas under one fence.

Lake Diversion is part of that massive ranch, and the new owner says he wants to return the lake to a more “natural”, uninhabited landscape in order to support and improve the micro-system in and around the lake.

The homes had been part of a lease agreement and the new “landlord” is ending that lease program.

– Newschannel 6